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The Point: California Bill Withdrawn


John Stonestreet

Welcome and unexpected news from California.

I’ve mentioned a few times about California bill AB 2943, which would have made the sale of all goods and services involving “sexual orientation change efforts” an “unlawful business practice.”

The bill was so vague, just about any effort to help someone overcome unwanted same-sex attraction or even curb behavior, could be considered illegal.

I’m relieved to say Assembly member Evan Low, who authored the bill, pulled it from consideration Friday. In a statement, Low said, “I knew this was an emotionally charged issue, so I spent the past few months traveling…the state meeting with a wide variety of faith leaders. I was heartened by the conversations.”

Low could reintroduce the bill in some form later, but I’m encouraged he took seriously what people of faith whom he met—including those who’ve left the gay lifestyle–had to say.

We’ll keep an eye on it. In the meantime, please offer a quick thanks to God and please keep religious freedom in your prayers.


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