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The Point: Celebrating the First Step Act


John Stonestreet

I wish Chuck Colson were here to celebrate.

On Tuesday the U. S. Senate overwhelmingly passed the First Step Act, which will bring a much-needed and long overdue overhaul of our federal criminal justice system.

Prison Fellowship, founded by Chuck Colson, played a major role in developing and working with Senators from both sides of the aisle to get the bill passed.

Among other things, the First Step Act will revise “three strikes you’re out” laws for drug felonies, address sentencing disparities, improve risk assessments for offenders, and expand access to programs that reduce recidivism, especially—and this is key—faith-based programs. All of this could have an enormous impact on individuals and overcrowded prisons.

The First Step Act is expected to pass the House, and President Trump has said he will sign the bill.

This is a major bipartisan effort, one Chuck would be applauding. In the end, it will make our justice system more just.

Congratulations to our colleagues at Prison Fellowship, and to members of the U.S. Senate.




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