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The Point: Daleiden and the Belly of the Beast

When David Daleiden published videos of Planned Parenthood employees discussing the illegal sale of fetal body parts, he struck the beast right in the belly. Since those videos appeared, Congress investigated Planned Parenthood and issued criminal referrals; the Trump Administration issued new rules on experimenting with body parts of aborted babies. And the 5th Circuit Court of appeals found his videos to be authentic evidence of illegal actions by Planned Parenthood. Now the beast is striking back. Not only has Daleiden been forced to defend himself (and win) in civil and county court, he’s just been fined $195,000 by federal judge William Orrick for supposedly violating a gag order by using the videos to defend himself in a separate case. Judge Orrick, by the way, once founded and ran a Planned Parenthood clinic, and yet refused to recuse himself. Daleiden and the Center for Medical Progress deserve our prayers and support. Come to and I will link you to his GoFundMe page.   Download the  MP3 audio here.   Image: YouTube  


John Stonestreet


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