The Point

Death by Selfie


John Stonestreet

Too much focus on self can be fatal.

The Washington Post reported recently on a worldwide study that found that in just the last six years, more than 250 people have died trying to take selfies. Some fell off cliffs, others stepped in front of trains, some backed off tall buildings, all while trying to get that perfect shot.

The study’s researchers suggested that tourist destinations should think about setting up “no selfie zone” signs to keep people from tumbling to their deaths.

This is what’s called a social commentary. We’re so busy trying to show off on social media that not only do we miss an amazing experience, we don’t bother to check our footing. It’s a repeat of Narcissus of Greek mythology, who loved his own reflection in the water so much, he fell in and drowned.

Christians should know that focusing intently on self can lead to a spiritual fall. Turns out that focusing the iPhone on self—to the exclusion of reality around us—can lead to a physical one as well.


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