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The Point: Ernie, Bert, and the New Agenda


John Stonestreet

Bert and Ernie? Really?

Recently, a Sesame Street writer claimed that Bert and Ernie, among the show’s most famous muppets, were gay. This delighted those hoping to champion LGBT ideology to young TV watchers.

However, Sesame Street responded by claiming the two were simply long-time best friends. I’m not making this up. This all made the news.

I’m glad I didn’t have coffee in my mouth when I read the Babylon Bee’s headline responding to this story: “VeggieTales confirms that Bob and Larry just accountability partners.”

According to the Bee’s satirical article, liberal journalists were disappointed that Bert and Ernie weren’t “more than friends” and so they were looking “for other (animated) gay couples for children to look up to…”

To which, Veggie Tales responded, “Seriously, don’t you people have anything better to do?  . . . Besides, they’re like, vegetables.”

Look, the gay agenda being forced on kids from every possible angle is serious stuff. But in this case, a little humor was a good response.

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