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The Point: Feminists Looking for Shelter

Vancouver Rape Relief and Women’s Shelter is the oldest rape crisis center in Canada, and it’s the newest victim of transgender ideology. The Vancouver City Council just defunded the shelter because it refuses to take in a biological male who identifies as female. The shelter’s purpose is to provide a safe space for female victims of male violence! According to LifeSite News, the shelter is even run “by a pro-abortion and pro-lesbianism feminist collective.” The irony—or injustice—of the Council’s decision isn’t lost on center spokeswoman Hilla Kerner. “Because we are an oppressed group who fights for equality,” she told the Council, “we have a right to decide who our membership is and who we serve.” Well, apparently not. Once again, trans ideology trumps biological reality, common sense, and now, even women’s safety. As I’ve been saying, there is a looming war between the Ls and the Ts of the acronym. This is the latest evidence. There will be more to come. Guaranteed.


John Stonestreet


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