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The Point: Gender Ideology First, Student Safety Second


John Stonestreet

Bad ideas have victims. Sometimes they’re kids.

It’s a bad idea to deny biological reality, and it’s a bad idea to base policy on the denial of biological reality. For example, boys in girls’ bathrooms and locker rooms—bad idea.

A recent victim of this bad idea was a girl, a kindergartner, groped by a boy in her elementary school bathroom in Decatur, Georgia.

The boy was in the girl’s bathroom because of a district policy that allows children to use restrooms and locker rooms at school that match their gender identity, not their biology. The girl’s mother alerted school officials the next day but claims they responded with indifference.

The Alliance Defending Freedom is advising the mom and has filed a complaint against the school district for creating an unsafe atmosphere for girls under Title IX.  The U.S. Department of Education will investigate what happened, and why the school ignored the assault.

But we already know why: because today, it’s gender ideology first, student safety second. Bad idea.

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