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The Point: Get off Our Soccer Field?


John Stonestreet

Cheer for Jaelene.

First the florists, then the bakers, then the pharmacists—now, soccer players?

We told you last year that Jaelene Hinkle, a Christian soccer player, declined to play at an event when the U. S. national team decided to wear rainbow gay-pride jerseys. LGBTQ supporters reacted with indifference: “It’s her decision, good riddance.”

Well, now Hinkle has been invited back to the U. S. squad for the upcoming Tournament of Nations, and this time, LGBTQ fans are outraged. Writing at Slate, Christina Cauterucci blasted U. S. Soccer for “nurturing outspoken homophobia” and is calling on gay and queer fans to boycott U. S. national matches.

So once again, religious convictions are being labeled hate, and those who hold them are being forced off the field of play—no matter the arena, so to speak.

My reaction? Let’s support Jaelene Hinkle and U. S. Soccer. Cheer for American athletes, no matter their religion, sex, gender, or otherwise.



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