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The Point: It’s Not about Fairness, He Says


John Stonestreet

One of these is not like the others.

Rachel McKinnon, a professor at the College of Charleston, recently celebrated his world cycling championship in the women’s 35-44 age bracket.

His women’s championship? Yes. Rachel McKinnon was born a biological male, and the photo of McKinnon on the winners stand with the second and third place finishers is, well, telling. McKinnon is broad shouldered and taller, obviously bigger and stronger, with a distinctly male physique. He looks nothing like the other two with distinctly female figures.

As British journalist Katie Hopkins tweeted: “For clarity – this was the WOMENS world championships. I repeat. Women’s . . . The world is gripped by a febrile madness.”

Bronze medal winner Jen Wagner-Assali tweeted: “It’s definitely NOT fair.”

McKinnon denied having any physical advantage, something so observably not-true that only someone already committed to denying reality would dare say it.

But he later admitted, “Focusing on performance advantage is largely irrelevant because this is a [transgender] rights issue.”

And there it is.


Image: YouTube


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