The Point

The Point: Making History at the DMZ

Could the impossible happen in Korea? Last week, North Korean dictator, Kim Jong-un, crossed the Demilitarized Zone met with South Korean President, Moon Jae-in. The two signed a declaration to begin a process that could lead to what seemed impossible just months ago: the official end of the Korean War, and the denuclearization of the peninsula. Obviously, it’s dangerous to trust a murderous dictator. Who knows what Kim Jong-un’s up to? His main nuclear test facility seems to have collapsed back in September, and China has been pressuring the hermit kingdom to give up its nukes. Still, while we should welcome this historic first step toward peace in one of most volatile powder kegs on earth, we must continue to intercede for the persecuted people of North Korea, especially the 350,000 Christians who face torture and death. Now is the time to renew our prayers for them. May God bring lasting peace to the Korean Peninsula. For more on faith and culture, come to


John Stonestreet


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