The Point

The Point: Pink-Haired Eugenics

The YouTube channel Choice 42 has put out several edgy, well-written videos with a pro-life message. Their latest might be their best. In it, a too-smiley woman with pink hair sits next to a woman with blue hair, who has Down syndrome. The pink-haired woman explains why she totally respects and values people with blue hair...after they’re born. The kindest thing to do, she says, is to kill all people with blue hair before they’re born. “That’s compassion,” she says. When blue hair tries to speak up, pink hair cuts her off. So blue-hair holds up a sign reading, “That’s eugenics.” The satire makes a serious point: People with Down syndrome and other disabilities are killed in the womb at horrific rates, all in the name of “compassion.” But this is eugenics, which attempts to eliminate those whom society deems unfit or unworthy of life. This video exposes selective abortions for the acts of eugenics they are. To watch it, come to, and click on this commentary.   Image: YouTube


John Stonestreet


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