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The Point: Protecting Faith Based Adoption in Oklahoma

Oklahoma—OK! Oklahoma just passed a law to protect religious adoption and foster-care organizations that refuse to place children in same-sex or single-parent homes. As WORLD magazine pointed out, despite claims by the ACLU and LGBT groups that the bill prevents same-sex couples from adopting and that children will therefore “languish” in state custody, the exact opposite is true. There are plenty of agencies that place kids with same-sex couples. But as Gov. Mary Fallin said, “Other states that have declined protection to faith-based agencies have seen these agencies close their doors, leaving [fewer] options for successful placement of children who need loving parents.” So the ACLU and LGBT groups are misrepresenting the actual case here. Recently on the BreakPoint podcast with professor Helen Alvaré and Them Before Us founder Katy Faust, we discussed how proponents of the sexual revolution place the whims and desires of adults before children. Come to to listen.    


John Stonestreet


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