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The Point: See Ya, Planned Parenthood


John Stonestreet

Recently, Planned Parenthood announced it would rather walk away from Title X funds than comply with a new Trump Administration rule regarding abortion counselling.

Title X funds provide family planning services for low-income families. But the new HHS rule that went into effect Monday prohibits groups that refer for abortion, or are “co-located” with abortion clinics, from accessing those funds.

For years, Planned Parenthood has played a shell game with our tax dollars. Now, with some $60 million at stake, Planned Parenthood wasn’t going to give up their commitment to abortion. So far, their attempts to block the Protect Life Rule in court has failed.

Abortion advocates are claiming that poor women will suffer, but the funds are still there for any organization that assists low income families with contraception and fertility testing but doesn’t peddle abortion as “family planning.”

Good for the Trump Administration. But, it’s just a start. Way too much of our tax dollars still go to Planned Parenthood.


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