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The Point: Stick to Your Guns, Congress


John Stonestreet

Stick to your guns, Congress.

In the wake of Turkey’s outrageous imprisonment of American pastor Andrew Brunson, the House and Senate Armed Services committees have temporarily blocked the delivery to that nation of 100 advanced F-35 fighter jets.

Now the Washington Times reports that the ban is in reaction to Turkey’s growing coziness with Russia. But lawmakers also demanded the release of Pastor Brunson and any other “U. S. citizens wrongfully detained in Turkey.”

Well, good! Ed Stetzer and I discussed Turkey’s virtual kidnapping of Brunson on BreakPoint This Week and praised President Trump for his strong words against Turkey’s lawlessness.

Now Congress is taking a stand as well. The F-35 ban is part of next year’s Pentagon budget blueprint, which has yet to pass both houses of Congress and be signed by the President. Stick to your guns, Congress.

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