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The Point: The Assumption behind Deadpool 2


John Stonestreet

It’s everywhere.

After opening last May, “Deadpool 2” became one of the highest grossing R-rated films ever. And it’s  also the first superhero movie to portray an LGBT couple. Star Ryan Reynolds says he wants to see even more LGBT representation in the Deadpool films, including exploring Deadpool’s own “pansexuality.”

At the same time, Netflix rolled out a cast of new queer characters in its “Anne with an E” series based extremely loosely on the “Anne of Green Gables” books.

Now of course, each new “historic” gay or trans or bi or “pan” character in movies and TV is portrayed as good and forward-thinking, and celebrated. But neither the pro-LGBT ideas, nor the worldview which underscores them, are ever argued for. They’re assumed.

So when you encounter these with your kids, don’t ignore them. Train your kids to ask questions about the ideas and characters they encounter. Help them discern truth from error.


Image: YouTube


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