The Point

The Point: The L and T at War


John Stonestreet

Julia Beck, a lesbian activist from Baltimore, was recently kicked off the city’s LGBTQ commission for refusing to use the politically correct pronoun when referring to an alleged rapist who’s biologically male but identifies as female.

It’s just the latest example of a brewing war between feminists and transgenders.

Beck’s reasoning, as she told Tucker Carlson, is clear: “Women and girls all share a biological reality: We are all female.”

When Carlson pointed out that as a lesbian, Beck shares the LGBTQ acronym with transgenders, she responded: “The letters in L, G, and B are based on biological reality. The T is based on gender identity . . . and is actually opposed to biological reality . . . I don’t think it’s fair to lump us into the same acronym.”

Beck’s right, of course. But this is the logical outcome of a progressive sexual ideology that’s inherently illogical. I predict we’ll see more stories like this, as the war between the L and the T intensifies.


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