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The Point: The Martyrs of Sri Lanka

On Christianity’s holiest day of the year, Islamist terrorists detonated bombs in Sri Lankan churches and hotels, snuffing out the lives of hundreds—mostly Christians. Events like this remind us that in history and even today, martyrdom is a common feature of the Christian life. Of the original 12 disciples, Judas excluded, only John lived to a ripe old age. The church often grew in times of incredible persecution. Today, followers of Christ in what’s called the "Global South" face challenges that we in the West can't begin to imagine. Yet the church endures. So many remain faithful. This ought not make us feel guilty, but it should make us grateful. For reasons known only to God we are privileged. And with that privilege comes an obligation to do everything within our power to lighten our brethren's load. Because it’s literally true that but for the grace of God, there we would be. Pray for the families who lost so much in Sri Lanka. Come, Lord Jesus.   Image: Statue at Blast Site, YouTube


John Stonestreet


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