The Point

The Point: The People Push Back up North


John Stonestreet

Hey, if it works in Canada . . .

We’ve talked a lot about Canada’s radical shift leftward on religious freedom, abortion, and the LGBT agenda. For instance, a Christian couple in Alberta was denied access to adoption services because they believe in Christian sexual morality.

Then there’s the Canadian high court denying accreditation to a Christian University’s law school because it had morality clause that supposedly denied LGBT rights.

But all is not lost up north. Ontario tried to introduce a new sex-ed curriculum that included lessons on gender identity, gay “marriage,” and, well, self-abuse.

But parents said no. In particular, conservative Christians and immigrant communities complained the curriculum “usurped their rights as parents to teach their children traditional values about sex and monogamy.”

So Ontario’s newly elected premier pulled the plug on the curriculum.

Good for them, eh! And what a great example for us. Speak out. Push back. Remember the “we” in “we the people” refers to us.


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