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The Point: Transgender “Incongruence”

It’s not a disorder. It’s an “incongruence?” The World Health Organization, who recently identified gaming as a mental health disorder, has taken what it used to call a mental disorder and turned it into an “incongruence.” Fearing that the label “mental disorder” causes “enormous stigma for people who are transgender,” the World Health Organization now calls “gender dysphoria” “gender incongruence,” and labels it a “sexual health condition.” In other words, the World Health Organization has chosen ideology over science, and feelings over reality. Look, it is compassionate, and necessary to identify what’s broken before healing can begin. It isn’t hateful to tell someone they’ve got a real psychological disassociation with their gender. The current view is that sex is assigned at birth. No, it was assigned before birth, by the author of life. This decision is a denial of biological reality. That’s not medical progress. For more on faith and culture, come to


John Stonestreet


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