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The Point: Vote with Your Remote


John Stonestreet

Is Netflix having a “come to family” moment?

Netflix has been on a roll lately when it comes to offending families—and decency. From the dangerous series “13 Reasons” about teen suicide, to comedienne Michelle Wolf’s vile “salute to abortion,” to its turning the classic Anne of Green Gables books into an LGBT celebration.

So far, in the face of criticism, Netflix has remained publicly defiant.

That’s why it is a bit of a surprise when they recently announced a new focus on building a “robust slate of family-friendly programming.”

Is it a change of heart, or an eye to the bottom line? Writing in WORLD magazine, Laura Finch notes that Netflix fanatically tracks what customers watch. “The numbers,” she writes, “must be telling Netflix that more family-oriented shows will perform well.”

Every time we watch a show we’re sending a message to Netflix, or for that matter, Amazon, Disney, or HBO. So let’s be sure to vote with our remotes.

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