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The Point: We All Need Help


John Stonestreet

Seeking help should be the norm, not the exception.

Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon recently announced he’ll miss training camp to focus on his mental health. Gordon has received multiple suspensions for substance abuse, but hopefully is now seeking real help and heading toward lasting recovery.

It’s not rare to hear about professional athletes or celebrities with addictions. It’s far more rare to hear them admit they need help.

It’s worth a look in the mirror: How quick are we to seek help for our addictions—to alcohol, porn, or losing our tempers?

Why don’t we? Is it pride? Shame? Is it fear our sins will become known? Many Christian leaders conceal their sins only to descend into sexual scandal. What if they’d sought help and accountability early on?

Seeking help should be the norm for believers, not the exception. And we can always be ready to help a brother or sister in need. That’s the Body of Christ. We are our brother’s keeper. And our brother is ours.

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