BP This Week

The Transcendence of Beauty

Plus: Planned Parenthood Funds; Politics and Our Next Short Course; Wilberforce Weekend


John Stonestreet

Shane Morris

In today’s broadcast, John Stonestreet and Shane Morris unwrap what’s behind Planned Parenthood’s claim that it performed a record number of abortions last year, and why the abortion giant still reaps hundreds of millions of dollars in taxpayer funds.

Along with talking about Millennials interest in socialism, they discuss our next Short Course, “Preparing for the 2020 Elections” as well as our upcoming Wilberforce Weekend.

They wrap up the show by noting the passing of Roger Scruton and Christopher Tolkien (the son of J. R. R. Tolkien), both men who were defenders and purveyors of beauty–transcendent beauty that lifts the human spirit, beauty “that is grounded ultimately in the nature of God Himself who is beautiful, who is beauty itself.”

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