A Trash Thrifter’s Testimony

A beautiful testimony of God's saving grace.


John Stonestreet

Jared Hayden

In a recent video that went viral, a 60-year-old New York trash thrifter shared how he makes a living reselling and recycling trash in the Big Apple. From bottles alone, he makes $400 to $800 a week, plus another $1000 from things he resells. He’s found gold, cash, diamonds, and Cartier watches … all in the trash. 

But his best find was Jesus Christ.  

As the interview goes on, the man shares how after being involved in human trafficking and drug markets, he lost everything—his wife, his kids, and 10 years of his life in prison. In 1993, three ladies from the Bronx came to his prison to preach the Gospel. It was then that he met the Lord and gave his life to Him. 

Just as this man now repurposes trash, the Lord repurposed this man, trashed by sin and shame, for His glory. “I don’t deserve it,” he said, “but I thank God for his grace.” 


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