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Two Thumbs up for The Chosen


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If you’ve exhausted your quarantine viewing list, here’s a suggestion: “The Chosen,” a series about the life of Christ that you can watch for free on YouTube or The Chosen app.

My family just wrapped up season one about Jesus’ early ministry and, speaking as someone pretty skeptical of Christian television, we’re hopeful season two is released soon.

Though I could certainly quibble with some of the dialogue and the way certain story lines proceed, “The Chosen” does not portray Jesus as some serene, other-worldly guru-type figure who whispers parables, overacts, and stared mysteriously into the middle distance. This series portrays Jesus as fully human, a man who laughs, sweats, banters, and even cuts himself in the carpenter shop.

The man who portrays Jesus on “The Chosen,” actor Jonathan Roumie, joins my colleague Shane Morris today on the BreakPoint Podcast. Come to to hear his thoughts on playing the lead character in the greatest story of all time.


Image: VidAngel, The Chosen Press Kit


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