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Understanding Afghanistan, Vaccine Morality, and Working from Home

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John Stonestreet

Maria Baer

John and Maria unpack the recent happenings in Afghanistan, the history of the situation in that country, and President Biden’s withdrawal of U.S. forces. They also discuss the worldview of the Taliban and the concerns for women and Christians.

Then, John responds to questions about whether to or not to receive the Covid vaccine, and Maria acknowledges the tension many feel between the call to love one’s neighbor, by getting the vaccine, and the conviction to avoid it, for a number of personal reasons.

To close, John talks about a new report suggesting employees are preferring to work from home to have a better family life, while Maria notes that the report shows how opinions and habits have changed in recent times due to Covid.



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Mindy Belz Provides Context for President Joe Biden’s Remarks on Afghanistan Press Conference
John Stonetreet & Mindy Belz | Breakpoint Podcast | August 16, 2021

— Stories Used In-Show —

What I Learned While Eavesdropping on the Taliban
I spent 600 hours listening in on the people who now run Afghanistan. It wasn’t ’til the end of my tour that I understood what they were telling me.

Read in The Atlantic: https://apple.news/AtEWgLz0FRWm7qKtR_2f0WA

President Issues New Mandates on Masks, Encouraging COVID boosters

For the second time in three days, President Biden delivered a major address from the East Room of the White House — but took no questions from the press corps about the unfolding debacle in Afghanistan.

Biden announced a series of measures Wednesday related to COVID-19 — including threatening to have the Education Department sue GOP governors who have barred school districts from imposing mask mandates

New York Post>>

There’s a Code Red for Humanity in New IPCC Report

Despite all the chaos and struggles over the past year, the fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic gave many parents the first-hand experience of working from home. And they like it.



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