What Would You Say?

Was Jesus a Socialist?


Joseph Backholm

You’re in a conversation and someone says, “Jesus was all about helping the poor and needy. That means Jesus was a socialist!”

What would you say?

It’s true that during His earthly ministry Jesus cared for the poor, the sick, and the marginalized.

It’s also true that some proponents of socialism also care about the needy.

But that doesn’t mean Jesus was a socialist, and here are four reasons why.

1. Jesus never advocated for government coercion to help the poor.

2. Jesus cares more about our hearts than our financial situation

3. Jesus redistributed wealth to the diligent, not to the needy.

4. The earliest followers of Jesus did not build a socialist community.


Click on the video to hear the entire conversation or to WhatWouldYouSay.org to see more like it.


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