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What’s the Difference Between Single and Same-Sex Parenting? – BreakPoint Q&A

John and Shane field a follow-up question to one they answered last week. The one last week had come from a single woman considering adoption and asked if the she should move forward knowing that the child would not receive a fatherly influence with that adoption. In response, someone else wrote in to ask what the difference would be in a same-sex relationship, where two parents of the same gender are unable to provide the mothering or fathering a child needs. Another listener reflected on work and worship was challenged to understand how to shape menial tasks into worshipful acts. She pushed John and Shane for greater clarity in understanding what makes mundane tasks a spiritual expression. Additionally, Shane presented a question from a listener pondering whether she resides in a Christian echo chamber. Noting that she follows a number of Colson Center resources and finds herself deeply invested in understanding the world from a Christian perspective, she is nonetheless  concerned that she might not be seeing the full picture in the world.


John Stonestreet

Shane Morris



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