“World Watch”: Cultural Literacy for Christian Families

WORLD Magazine adds a fun news program geared to help kids face culture head-on. 


John Stonestreet

Timothy D Padgett

Kids born in our morally turbulent age, and the parents committed to guiding them through it, have precious few resources that can help them sift through the chaos. A few years ago, WORLD Magazine, a longtime Christian worldview partner of the Colson Center, added a daily news program for kids to their already impressive lineup of print and digital resources. The tagline for WORLD Watch with host Brian Basham reads: “We can’t keep your kids from growing up too quickly, but we can help them grow into humans equipped with news literacy and Biblical discernment. And make it fun, too.” 

It’s tempting and often appropriate to shield our kids from what’s going on. But even if that were possible all the time, we need to help them face now what they will face when they are no longer in our homes. Rather than hide them, let’s guide our children to think well in this time and place where God has called them to serve Him.


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