You Can’t Fool Mother Nature

Remember the old television commercial that ended with the warning, "It's not nice to fool Mother Nature"? Well, it turns out that when it comes to abortion, you really can't fool Mother Nature. The latest research is showing a close link between abortion and breast cancer. For years the abortion lobby has drummed it into us that abortion is a simple procedure— that as long as it's legal, it is also perfectly safe. For the mother, at least. But it seems that the abortion lobby was wrong. The first ominous sign appeared 13 years ago, when Dr. Malcolm Pike at the University of Southern California discovered that women who have abortions are more than twice as likely to contract breast cancer. This early study has been confirmed by more than 20 others. And now the prestigious Journal of the National Cancer Institute has released a major study showing just how serious the health risks from abortion really are. The study found that women who have abortions increase their overall risk of cancer by 50 percent. Women who abort after age 30 increase their risk by 110 percent, and young women before age 18 increase their risk by an astonishing 150 percent. What exactly is the connection between abortion and cancer? The answer is that when a woman becomes pregnant, her body immediately begins a host of complex physical and chemical changes necessary to nurture a baby. These include changes in breast tissue in preparation for nursing the baby after it is born. But if a woman has an abortion, all these intricate bodily adjustments are cut short. Chemical and hormonal processes are interrupted in mid-development—which can induce some cells later on to grow erratically and dangerously. Most of us already knew that abortion is a risky medical procedure, often leading to infection, hemorrhage, infertility, and damage to the uterus. But abortion advocates assure us that as long as abortion stays legal, advances in medical technology will conquer these risks. But the link between abortion and cancer destroys that argument. Even if medical science were capable of developing a completely risk-free procedure, abortion would still not be safe—because of the natural responses within a woman's own body. When natural processes are short-circuited, the human body will always suffer. We hear a lot these days about respecting the earth's ecological balance. But we need to remember that our own bodies are miniature ecologies, with their own delicate equilibrium. And what God has put into balance, we must beware of putting out of balance. Abortion causes a host of dangerous chemical and hormonal imbalances that affect a woman's entire body. This is news that the secular media is suppressing. It's up to you and me to help let the public know the true dangers of abortion. The old commercial may have said it's not nice to fool Mother Nature. But now the medical evidence makes it clear that we really can't fool around with God's creation—without paying a steep price.


Chuck Colson


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